Billy Sunday Field / Baseball

Due to long-standing liability concerns regarding Billy Sunday Baseball Field (consistent flooding, lights, electrical infrastructure, traffic safety), the City has been hesitant to invest in improvements at the current location.  By moving High School Baseball to SCORE and combining construction of that new field with a new Rec Center, cost efficiencies can be recognized for both projects.  The move will also allow the current Billy Sunday Field site to be repurposed as a practice area for the Nevada Soccer Club.

High School (HS) Baseball Field
  • New location benefits
    • Brings HS baseball field to SCORE which was part of the original master plan
    • Removes HS baseball field from the flood plain
    • Current location at fair grounds needs significant investment to bring facility up to safe and acceptable standards. Moving field to SCORE solves those needs.
    • Construction of a new field provides easier accessibility and efficiency for maintenance staff.
    • Better parking
    • Closer proximity to high school
    • Adjacent to new recreation center
      • Allows for changing room use
      • Indoor practice area during inclement weather
Repurposing Billy Sunday Field
  • Repurpose field to be used by Nevada Soccer Club and other entities.
    • Old lighting to come down for safety
    • Outfield fence to be removed
    • Scoreboard to be removed
    • Current infield to be seeded to grass
    • Concession/restroom building to be maintained
    • Press box and bleachers to be removed
    • New shed remains
    • Dugouts and bullpens to be removed
    • Batting cages to be removed
      • Possibly relocate batting cages to SCORE