Gates Memorial Hall

Completion of a Rec Center will also allow for relocation of the City Parks & Recreation offices, currently the sole tenant of Gates Memorial Hall.  Without a need for Gates Memorial Hall, the City can fill a need for the School District by selling the property to NCSD.  The purchase of Gates Memorial Hall by NCSD would allow the school district to relocate several district offices from various locations around the district to a central location.  The Gates Auditorium would remain intact for various school activities and community rentals.


  • City Parks and Recreation is currently sole occupant of Gates Hall – offices would move to new Rec Center at SCORE park
  • Gates Hall rentals have significantly decreased and most of current rentals are from non-residents, creating a budget shortfall
    • 2015 1480 hours of reserved time
    • 2016 1267.5 hours of reserved time
    • Jan 1 – June 2017 429.5 hours of reserved time
  • NCSD is currently one of the densest school districts in Iowa (pupils per square foot) and is in need of additional space
  • Fiscally prudent for both entities for school to purchase Gates Memorial Hall
    • City financially subsidising Gates since it’s operating at a loss
    • Sale from City to NCSD provides resources for new recreation center
    • Purchasing by NCSD less expensive than building new space for school
  • School would renovate parts of building for office space to open more educational space in current school buildings
  • Auditorium would remain intact and available for public use
  • Expected significant use by school clubs
  • The intention of Mrs. Gates to foster public engagement and community service remains intact
  • Although ownership would change, the only significant change to public use would be alcohol (there are other local options for events with alcohol)