Frequently Asked Questions


Does the City have adequate bonding capacity to finance $4-5 Million?


Would a $4-5 Million project require the City to use all of their existing bond capacity?

No – the City would still have $6.5M remaining in bonding capacity

Why would the City & School partner and combine these projects?

City owns the land

Water & Power is readily available nearby creating cost savings

Combining new projects offers tax and construction savings

Repurposing of existing facilities offers tax and construction savings

REC center creates a storm shelter for the entire complex (SCORE, HS Baseball, and Aquatic Center)
             County grants of $50,000 – $70,000 may be available for this

Nevada Soccer Club currently uses the area proposed for the Rec Center & Baseball Field.
Where would NSC practice?

City/School would find interim practice areas for Nevada Soccer Club until Billy Sunday is ready for soccer:

  • Harrington is currently underutilized for soccer practices
  • The school may be able to provide some space in the spring

Couldn’t the Burke owned land on the west side of SCORE be considered for soccer?

Yes, this area has been researched

This area would require an estimated $48,000 to prepare the surface for playing conditions.

The area is not near parking or sidewalks

What is the approximate timeline for this project?

Fall/Winter 2017

  • School District puts baseball field and lights out for bid
  • City begins architectural for Rec Center and baseball buildings
  • City secures practice space for Nevada Soccer Club

Spring 2018

  • Construction of baseball field surface, fencing, lights, etc.

Fall 2018

  • Construction of Rec Center and baseball buildings
  • Billy Sunday resurfaced for soccer; removal of lights, etc.

Summer 2019

  • Cub Baseball Stadium opens

Fall 2019

  • Rec Center opens to the public
  • City-School begin transition/purchase of Gates Hall

Fall 2020

  • Billy Sunday surface ready for soccer

Is the timeline for this project realistic or too aggressive?

The timeline presented is the most aggressive possible. Given the 3-5% increase in construction costs each year, it is also the most cost efficient

The entities are not beholden to this timeline

Will there be another forum for citizens to speak to these projects?

Yes, the City Council and School Board will hold a joint meeting at Gates Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 23, 2017

Public comment will be encouraged


How would the new $4-5 Million Rec Center be financed?

Combination of City Bonds and Capital Campaign

Does the current plan for the Rec Center leave room for future expansion?

Yes, 11,000 square feet would be available for future expansion.

Was an indoor aquatics center considered for the Rec Center and could it be added in the future.

Aquatics was considered and studied but is not feasible due to cost

What types of programming and fees would be associated with the new Rec Center ?

Both youth and adult programming

Final plans will need to be established and existing programs transitioned to the new facility before new programming can be fully developed


How much would it cost to move HS Baseball to a new field at SCORE?

Approximately $750,000

Does the estimated cost include the artificial field turf?

No, but artificial turf could be bid as an alternate to be considered depending on the final cost

Will foul balls be a safety concern with the HS Baseball field at SCORE?

It will create no more of a concern than foul balls at the current 4-plex at SCORE

It will create no more concern than current foul balls that go into the street at Billy Sunday

The playground at SCORE is 150 feet behind the projected site of the new baseball field

The distance will be too great for ball to reach 19 th street in most cases, unlike Billy Sunday where foul balls frequently land in the street near passing traffic.

How would the new HS Baseball Field be financed?

City-School partnership

Field & Lights – School: 2/3 of overall project

Buildings – City: 1/3 of overall project

What would happen to Billy Sunday Field?

City would repurpose Billy Sunday for the Nevada Soccer Club

Would it continue to be called Billy Sunday Field/Park for soccer?

There are several options to preserve the legacy of Billy Sunday:

With construction of a new HS baseball field, why not move MS baseball from Harrington to
Billy Sunday?

School officials would prefer the location of Harrington due to proximity to the school

MS Baseball begins before school is dismissed for summer

  • Safety: MS students walk across the street at a controlled intersection rather than walk, bike, or use mopeds hauling equipment across town to Billy Sunday
  • Efficiency: The MS could also play some games at the new stadium, thus making it impractical to maintain a baseball field at Billy Sunday for a minimal number of games

Are improvements planned for Harrington for MS baseball?

Yes, the City and School have discussed very cost efficient improvements for the baseball field at Harrington Park


Park & Rec Offices are currently the sole occupant of Gates Hall. What will happen to Gates
Hall once those offices are moved to the new REC Center at SCORE?

The School District is in much need of the space and would obtain the facility from the City

Income from the sale will assist the City to offset costs of the Rec/Baseball project

For the School District, Gates is an optimal location due to proximity and can be obtained at a far more efficient cost than new construction

Would the name remain Gates Memorial Hall under ownership of the School District?


Would the wishes of Mabel Gates Wadsworth be honored should the School District takeover ownership of Gates Hall ?

Yes- Mabel is a former Nevada school teacher and her vision for the facility would be preserved; see

Would the Gates auditorium remain an option for public rental under ownership of the
School District?


Currently very few renters of Gates Hall are Nevada residents. Other venues (i.e. Fair Community Building, Gatherings) have become preferred locally.

Would alcohol continue to be permitted at Gates Hall for Trivia Nights under the School
District’s ownership?

No, alcohol would not be permitted under State Code.

Would alcohol continue to be permitted if Trivia Nights were moved to the new Rec Center?